Land Registry Aids Sham Lender in Repossession Case – UPDATE

For those following the previous posts regarding the abuse of the Unilateral Notice system with the UK Land Registry and Welcome Finance, there has finally been a happy ending in this case.

Following a previous posting of this story we were contacted by John Harley, one of the moderators of Consumer Credit Support who told us that the forum knew of other people who were having problems with Welcome Finance and that they were being represented by a lawyer from Stephensons in Manchester, a well known firm of solicitors specialising in this kind of litigation.

Mr Harley kindly offered to forward the details of our client Ms L to Stephensons to see if they would be able to represent her against Welcome Finance.

Ms L spent nearly a year of requesting, cajoling and pleading with Welcome Finance to provide copies of spurious loan agreements (against which Welcome had put a charge on Ms L’s property and which they had already admitted a number of times by phone that they did not have in their possession)

She also followed the Land Registry’s procedure for applying for a Unilateral Notice to be proven by the beneficiary (Welcome) or removed (a process that resulted in the Land Registry refusing to remove the charge even though no evidence had been supplied by Welcome to support the terms of their charge on the property).

The Land Registry told Ms L that she must pursue her own legal action against Welcome Finance.

Remember this is woman facing repossession, with a charge on her property of which she was not informed and for which there was no reason, or evidence of any loan or debt to the lender.

It was ultimately only the threat of legal action and the involvement of Stephensons that finally made Welcome apologise and then request that the LR remove the notice from the register.

This news was received by Ms L by phone the day before Christmas Eve and means that she can finally stay in her home and not be repossessed due to the spurious claims of a lender with whom she had never had an agreement.

Thanks are due to Mr Harley for suggesting Stephensons get involved.