From Trump to Tramp Top Financial Journalist Homeless in Hove After Losing Home

An unfortunate story in The Guardian today shows that the image of those facing repossession and ending up homeless as the domain of the ill educated or low income families isn’t always the case.

Former ITN Business and Finance correspondent Ed Mitchell who once interviewed Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair as well as business leaders like Donald Trump, lost his job and home and now sleeps rough in Hove, near Brighton.

Ed Mitchell Former Presenter of EBN Now Homeless

“There is an irony that someone who should be an expert as a business and finance reporter should get their finances in such a state,” he said, talking over a pint of Foster’s in a Brighton pub. “I was incredibly nervous sleeping out for the first time. It was behind some bushes in a walled garden just 400 yards from what had been my home in Portslade. You sleep like a feral beast when you are homeless and hear every movement. I feel vulnerable. You know that one day someone might roll you over and kick you.”

You can read the full article here and another long piece in the Evening Standard online